The "E" Award

The President's "E" Award for Excellence in Exporting was created by president Kennedy as the nation's highest award to honor American exporters. "E" Awards recognize firms and organizations for their competitive achievements in world markets, as well as the benefits of their success to the U.S. economy.


To qualify for an "E" Award, a manufacturer must show evidence of a substantial increase in volume of exports over a four-year period of time.

Exports should constitute a significant portion of total product sales or be materially in excess of the industry standard.

An applicant should be able to demonstrate breakthroughs in especially competitive markets, introduction of a new product into U.S. export trade, or opening of a new market.

Key exporting problems that have been overcome must be discussed.

An effective international marketing program must be detailed.

The "E" Award for Export Service recognizes firms and organizations that may not export directly, but assist or facilitate export efforts through financing, transportation, market promotion, or other export related services. Consideration is based on outstanding creative marketing and promotional services made available to, and used by, exporters in the development and expansion of export markets.

"E" Award winners are subject to investigation of their business and ethical background by all agencies of the government of the United States, including the Commerce Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, The State Department, United States Secret Service, and others.

Bruce Tool Company is proud to have received the President's "E" Award from President Clinton in 1993. The "E" Award is our nation's highest honor for exports. Only about 20 companies meet the very high standards each year to qualify. 
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