Bruce Tool Company stocks a variety of surplus 2-cone and 3-cone bits in sizes ranging from 1 7/8" to 48" (48mm - 914mm), in both steel tooth and carbide tooth. The majority of our surplus bits are produced by the major U.S. manufacturers - Reed, Hughes, Security and Smith. In addition to surplus bits, we can supply new bits from several manufacturers.


Bruce Tool Company rebuilds 3-cone bits in a variety of steel tooth and carbide tooth formations. Our rebuilt steel tooth bits are reconstructed with the finest retipping metals available and bearings are replaced, if needed, to produce a rebuilt bit which can often provide service equal to a new bit. For soft formation bits, the tooth life can often exceed a new bit since the rebuilt tooth is 100% hard metal instead of hard metal coating, as with new bits. Like our surplus bits, the majority of our rebuilt bits were originally produced by Reed, Hughes, Security, and Smith.

Special Sizes/Spread Bits

Contact us for prices and availability on special order tricone bits.


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