Down the Hole Air Hammers

Bruce Tool Company (BTC) can provide the right hammer for any job. Our Silver Streak hammers provide efficient drilling at economical prices. BTC markets not only its own hammer, but can also provide tools from most American manufacturers. This allows the driller to get an honest opinion as to the best hammer for the application. Our field agents have operated drills using the major hammer brands and know what will give the best performance for the price in any particular situation.

BTC is now introducing the new D6W high performance hammer that will drill with the expensive hammers, but last longer and cost less. This hammer does not require special bits or expensive replacement parts. In addition to new hammers, BTC also offers used or rebuilt hammers in many shanks and sizes.

(Click on any hammer type to be taken to its drawing and specs)

BTC D6W Hammer Drawings

BTC Silver Streak Hammer Drawings

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