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D6WM Hammer

The D6WM is an independently manufactured high performance hammer which can utilize bits commonly referred to as SD6 / 5315 style.


D6WM Replacement Parts
Part Number Description
1-D6WM001 Top Sub 31/2" API Reg Pin
2-D6WM002 O-Ring
3-D6WM003 Dart Valve
4-D6WM004 Dart Valve Spring
5-D6WM005 Check Valve Guide
6-D6WM006 Make-Up Ring
7-D6WM007 Choke
8-D6WM008 Rigid Valve
9-D6WM009 O-Ring
10-D6WM010 Cylinder
11-D6WM011 Piston
12-D6WM012 Wear Sleeve / Piston Case
13-D6WM013 Piston Retaining Ring
14 N/A
15 N/A
16-D6WM016 O-Ring
17-D6WM017 Bit Retaining Ring
18-D6WM018 Chuck / Driver Sub

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