Hammer Bits and Hammer Bit Hole Openers


Bruce Tool Company provides a variety of premium quality hammer bits and hammer bit hole openers ranging in size from 3 1/2" - 30" (89mm - 762mm). Our bits are produced from the finest quality alloy steels available, machined to exacting standards, and heat treated to provide a tool that will withstand the performance demands of modern drilling technology.


A substantial savings in drilling cost can be achieved by using Bruce Tool Company's rebuilt and resharpened hammer bits and hammer bit hole openers. Bruce Tool Company can rebuild your old body or we can usually provide a newly rebuilt bit. Our resharpened tools have been run once and then resharpened to the industry standards. Often these tools have 80% of their lives remaining.

Hammer bits and hammer bit hole openers are available in many shanks, buttons, & face designs. Contact us for details. 


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