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BTC Company Profile

Bruce Tool Company, Inc. (BTC) was established in 1986 primarily to provide drilling accessories to overseas customers. BTC's policy of high quality products, excellent service, and personal attention to every customer enabled BTC to rapidly establish itself as a leader in the drilling industry. As a result of this customer oriented business approach, BTC was honored with the nation's highest award for excellence in exporting, the "E" Award. Each year approximately 20 companies from the estimated 20 million businesses in the Unites States receive this award. In 1993 BTC accepted the President's "E" Award from Ron Brown on behalf of President Clinton.

Bruce Tool Company is a family owned and operated business whose President has over 20 years experience in rotary and percussion drilling tools, both as a manufacturer and a supplier. The company is owned by David and Rebecca Dalby. The Dalby name has been involved in the drilling industry for over half a century. Richard Dalby and his brother Charles Dalby, David Dalby's father, worked in the oil and gas industry and both of David and Rebecca's sons, Ryan and Eric, currently head different divisions of Bruce Tool Company.

BTC's staff is committed to both its customers and the drilling industry, and makes every effort to support and promote both worldwide. To this end, in 1993 the President of BTC accepted an invitation from Secretary of Commerce Ronald Brown to represent the US and the drilling industry as a special trade "ambassador" to the Republic of South Africa on a Presidential trade mission. This mission, directed by President Clinton, was designed to enhance trade and relations with the newly established market-based democracy. At that time, BTC provided approximately 60% of the water well drilling tools used in RSA. This process continues today in an effort to cement business and cultural relations with South Africa, which is Africa's most important country from an economic and strategic point of view.

Bruce Tool Company is a manufacturer and supplier of:

  • BTC Down The Hole Hammers 3" - 12"
  • All Major Brands of US Manufactured Hammers and Hammer Bits
  • Hammers & Parts 100% interchangeable with Mission & IR
  • New & Rebuilt Hammer Bits 3 1/2" - 30" (89mm - 762mm)
  • Hammer Bit Hole-Openers 8" - 26" (203mm - 660mm)
  • Threaded Percussion Bits 1 1/2" - 6" (38mm - 152mm)
  • Rotary Hole-Openers 8" - 72" (203mm - 1830mm)
  • New, Rebuilt and Surpluss 3-Cone Rotary Bits 2 3/8" - 36"
  • Reverse Circulation Tools 12" - 72" (305mm - 1830mm)
  • Drag Bits 1 7/8" - 12" (48mm - 305mm)
  • Large Diameter Drag Bits & Drag Bit Hole-Openers
  • Replaceable Blade Drag Bits
  • Finger Bits, Fishtail Bits, Mining Bits, DP Rock Head Bits, Augers
  • Bucket Teeth & Auger Teeth
  • Cable Tool Bits
  • Crown Bits
  • Drill Rod & Crossover Subs
  • Stabilizers & Drill Collars                          

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